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TextPal is discontinued.

We recommend using Raycast's emoji picker.

Blazing fast 🔥

TextPal brings a Slack-inspired emoji picker to all apps on your Mac. Type \brain in any app and press Return to see 🧠.

Press Shift Return to insert multiple emojis without closing TextPal.

You can also configure a shortcut to activate TextPal.

Pick a skin tone 🎨

Press Right Arrow or Option Return to pick a different emoji skin tone.

You can also pick a default skin tone in Settings.

Grid style 🖼️

Prefer to pick emojis from a grid instead of a list? We got you covered. 😎

Exceptions tab in TextPal's Settings

Exceptions 🙅‍♂️

Avoid activating TextPal in specific apps or websites unintentionally.

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